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About us

IntBas d.o.o. is a young and dynamic company that employs experts in the fields of mechanical engineering, electronics, programming and informatics. We offer the end customer a complete service from the development of conceptual solutions, design, construction, manufacture and installation to electrification, programming and commissioning of machines or devices.

We cooperate with partners on various development projects in the field of design, automation, software development for machine vision analysis and digitalization. We like to accept new challenges in the field of development, so we are involved in various partnerships from various activities both at home and abroad.

The main activity is the design and manufacturing of high-tech machines and devices in the field of biotechnology, pharmacy, cosmetics and food industry. We offer clients consulting and implementation of projects in the field of digitalisation, automation and robotics. We cooperate with established manufacturers and suppliers of components, which provide us with quality, warranty and servicing.

Our mission is long-term and healthy business relationships with partners throughout the business chain. After the completion of the project, we offer our clients consulting, servicing and other professional technical support. Customer orientation and flexibility is a key part of the company’s business strategy, as we believe that this is the only guarantee for long-term business.