Collaborative robots

Collaborative robots 2021-02-16T09:59:06+01:00

We design and integrate systems using collaborative robots that can work without a fence and next to a human:

  • Collaborative robots Universal Robots UR
  • Collaborative robots OMRON TM

Collaborative palletizer

When we have little space and not big capacities and product weight, a collaborative palletizer is a suitable solution.


  • Stacking on EU, UK ali USA pallets

  • Stacking products on two pallets simultaneously

  • Product weight up to 8 kg

  • Easily mobile

  • Safety fence not needed


  • It takes up minimal space

  • There is no need for a safety fence

  • Easily portable

  • Statistics and reports generation

  • Industry 4.0 conectivity

  • Cheaper maintenance

Pick&Place application

Collaborative robots are suitable for various applications where there is a need for the presence of a human close to the robot and there is not enough space to place the robot cell.


  • Space saving

  • Machine vision

  • Cheaper maintenance

  • Statistics and reports generation

  • Industry 4.0 connectivity

Robots for the implementation of quality control and measurement

Collaborative robots are well suited for the implementation of quality control and measurement of products.

  • 3D scanning (3D scanner ZEISS)
  • Serving measuring devices
  • 2D or 3D dimension control

Serving machine tools

Due to the ease of integration and the unnecessary safety fence, collaborative robots are widely used for operating various machine tools.


  • Ease of use

  • Flexibility

  • Cheaper maintenance

  • Possibility of upgrading with machine vision for quality control

  • Machine tools connectivity