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IntSpector is a mobile device that we place next to the production line where we want to perform product quality control. The collaborative robotic arm is used to pick up products from the line and perform quality analyzes on the collected products. The whole process is performed automatically.


  • Measurement of dimensions and shape of products

  • Generating a 3D shape of product

  • Product volume measurements

  • Product surface color measurements

  • Measurement of surface and core temperature of the product

  • Izgubo vlažnosti na podlagi relativne meritve teže

  • Humidity loss based on relative weight measurement

  • Measurements of chemical structure (oil, sugar, elongation,….)


  • Traceability of quality through the production process
  • Money savings (less waste)
  • Quick response in case of quality deviations
  • Prepared reports on product quality
  • Mobility
  • Connectivity with other  Industry 4.0 equipment
  • Usability on different lines
Product quality report

We also offer the possibility of RENT!