Mobile robots

Mobile robots 2021-02-15T14:59:02+01:00

Mobile robotic platform - our own project

When we encounter the need to temporarily place a robot in a specific location, mobile collaborative robots are ideal solution.


  • Serving other machines

  • Arranging and sorting products

  • Quality control 


  • Flexibility

  • Mobility

  • Working next to people

  • Useful on a variety of lines and jobs

  • Statistics and report generation

  • Industry 4.0 connectivity

Possibility of renting a robot!

We also offer mobile robots to our customers in the form of a monthly rent.

  • We determine the working location of the robot,
  • Make a suitable gripper
  • Perform application commissioning at the customer
  • Perform a short training
  • Customer pays monthly rent
  • Possibility of buying the robot