Loading devices

Loading devices 2021-01-16T13:38:47+01:00
Regardless of the oven type, such as: single or multi deck tunnel oven or single or multi deck thermal oil oven, we produce a loading device for automatic loading of your products, which can be on peel boards, trays, various baking molds or hard bread on the conveyor belt.


Loading device for peel boards and hard bread

In bakeries where the dough is transported on peel boards, loading of the oven is carried out with pointed nose loading devices that take products from the boards and place them on the conveyor belt. Using a pneumatic cylinder that adjusts the height of the nose, the products can be placed on the oven belt as they were originally delivered or flipped to be baked in the correct baking position (Kaiser roll).

The advantage of our loader is its multifunction as it enables loading of products from peel boards, hard bread, and pans.

The loading device is mobile allowing the user to move it away from the oven and frees access to manual loading of the oven for any products, maintenance or cleaning.

Our loader can operate fully automatically synchronized with existing equipment as well as semi-automatically with manual charging of products on the entry conveyor.



Loading device for pans, pies, cakes

The device transfers products to the conveyor belt through motor-driven guides. The piston rod is lifted and lowered by pneumatic cylinder. The pushing mechanism is adapted to the shape of the pans or molds allowing a gentle transition into the oven.