Quality check

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We offer our customers various solutions in the field of 100% product quality control. The following sensors are used to implement product control systems according to needs:

  • Visual control – RGB cameras

  • IR cameras

  • laser scanners

  • 3D scanners

  • check weighers

  • metal detectors

  • X-ray detectors

  •  …

We can also connect the entire device to your MES / ERP system.

Food industry

We offer advanced solutions for robotic cells for stacking various products on pallets and their transport. We also perform automated wrapping of pallets and storage on rack warehouses.

Buns dimension and shape control


  • 100% quality check

  • Ejection of unsuitable pieces

  • Statistics views and reports generated

  • Control of shape, dimensions, spread, temperature, ingredients,…

  • Inspection of paint, labels, damage of products or packaging


  • Guaranteed product quality

  • Greater satisfaction of your customers

  • Connectivity with other  Industry 4.0 equipment

  • Statistics and report generation

Seed germination control
Volume and dimensions check

Intermediate check


  • Early fault detection

  • Scrap reduction

  • Higher productivity

  • Raw material savings

  • Energy savings

KOntrola oblitosti vafla s čokolado-IR kamera
Surface and core temperature check